1) Select the Spanish flag a) b) c) d) e) f) 2) Which country is this? a) China b) United Kingdom c) USA d) Spain e) Italy f) Ireland 3) It is... a) his cat b) my cat c) your cat d) her cat e) their cat f) our cat 4) He is playing football with... a) my ball b) your ball c) his ball d) her ball e) our ball f) their ball 5) What time is it? a) It's half past nine b) It's twenty five to nine c) It's twenty five to ten d) It's half past quarter to five e) It's fifteen to five f) It's twenty-five past nine 6) What time does the flight to Berlin leave? a) It leaves at eleven o'clock b) It leaves at half past eleven c) It leaves at six o'clock d) It leaves at quarter past eleven e) It leaves quarter to eleven f) It leaves at five to six 7) What are they doing? a) They are meeting friends b) They are doing crafts c) They are baking d) They are visiting their grandparents e) They are doing the shooping f) They are doing gardening 8) She walks the dog every day a) She hardly ever walks the dog b) She usually walks the dog c) She never walks the dog d) She always walks the dog e) She rarely walks the dog f) She sometimes walks the dog 9) He meets his friends once a week a) He hardly ever meets his friends b) He hardly ever meets her friends c) He never meets his friends d) He always meets her friends e) He sometimes meets her friends f) He sometimes meets his friends 10)  What is she doing? a) She is meeting her friends b) She is visiting her grandparents c) She is visiting his grandparents d) She never visits his grandparents e) She always visits his grandparents f) She always visits her grandparents 11) He go to football training 4 times per week a) He never goes to football training b) He hardly ever goes to football training c) They never go to football training d) He usually goes to football training e) He always goes to football training f) He sometimes goes to football training 12) Who is practising with the keyboard? a) b) c) d) e) f)

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