1) Julie isn’t a teacher, ________________ ? a) doesn't she b) isn't she c) is she 2) He’s very handsome, ________________ ? a) is he b) isn't he c) does he 3) You aren’t from Brazil, ________________ ? a) are you? b) do you? c) aren't you? 4) She isn’t a pilot, ________________ ? a) does she? b) doesn't she? c) is she? 5) The weather is really bad today, ________________ ? a) is it? b) does it? c) isn't it? 6) I’m not the person with the tickets, ________________ ? a) don't I b) am I c) do I 7) She’s from a small town in China, ________________ ? a) isn't she b) doesn't she c) does she 8) I like chocolate a lot, ________________ ? a) do I b) am I c) don't I 9) They need some new clothes, ________________ ? a) are they b) do they c) don't they 10) You don’t like spicy food, ________________ ? a) aren't you b) do you c) are you 11) We don’t watch much TV, ________________ ? a) don't we b) are we c) do we 12) He doesn’t cook very often, ________________ ? a) does he b) is he c) doesn't he 13) I often come home late, ________________ ? a) am I b) do I c) don't I 14) She studies very hard every night, ________________ ? a) isn't she b) doesn't she c) does she 15) My mom lives in a big flat, ________________ ? a) doesn't she b) does she c) is she

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