1) Santander is _____________ Sevilla.  a) wetter than b) more wet than c) the wettest 2) Julia is _________ Mary. a) more happy than b) happier than c) happyier than 3) The sun is __________ the moon. a) hoter than b) more hot than c) hotter than 4) I'm __________ in the class. a) the shorter b) the shortest c) the shorttest 5) He went to bed ____________ she did. a) early than b) earlier than c) more early than 6) Dogs are ___________ cats. a) the friendliest b) more friendly than c) friendlier than 7) I can swim ____________ my brother. a) more fast than b) the fastest c) faster than 8) Please give me __________ box. a) the smallests b) the smaller c) the smallest 9) ____________ tourist destination in the world is Paris. a) The more popular b) The most popular c) The popular 10) Your eyes are __________ my eyes. a) more blue than b) bluer than c) bluest than

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