It was a magnificient view from the top of the ____. The ____ children munched their ____ and gazed down into the valley below. A town lay there, comfortably sprawled in the shelter of the hills. Smoke rose lazily from the ____. "I say," said ____, after a while, "the ____ gone, and it's getting dark. Julian, are you sure your ____ is right?"____ looked at his watch. "It says just about ____ o'clock still," he said in surprise. So away went the ____ as fast as they could. It was ____ when they reached the town, but that didn't matter, because the ____ lamps were alright. They made their way to the ____, half-running down the main street. "It was the ____ smell that made him go to ____ what was on," said ____. "He was awfully cross because they wouldn't let him ____. The four ____ got back their breath and looked round the carriage. It was not ____, as they had expected. ____ other people were there, sitting at the opposite end, facing each other - a ____ and a ____. They looked ar the ____, annoyed.

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