1) Brad Pitt and his wife ________ at the cinema yesterday night. a) was b) were 2) My friends and I ____ at school yesterday morning. a) were b) was 3) Last summer my grandparents ____ in Spain. a) were b) was 4) I ____ in London with my parents last week. a) were b) was 5) I think Messi ____ playing a football match yesterday evening. a) was b) were 6) Lebron James____ at home five days ago. He was at a match. a) was b) were c) wasn't d) weren't 7) We ___ having lunch in the park last Wednesday. a) was b) were 8) All my friends ____ at the zoo a week ago. a) were b) was 9) My favourite pop star ____ in "Café Martinez" yesterday. a) was b) were 10) What you did_______ funny!! You hit me!! a) wasn't b) weren't c) is 11) People______ very good to me when I_____ in hospital. a) was was b) was were c) were was d) were were 12) My best friend and I _________ so happy last Starurday night. a) were b) was c) is d) are 13) Last Friday afternoon I went to the cinema with a friend. The movie_____ terrible! a) was b) were c) weren't 14) This game_______ easy. It _________ difficult! a) were weren't b) wasn't was c) was wasn't d) were was e) was were




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