1) They are my sisters. Can you see ____? a) they b) them 2) Billy is diving! Look at ____! a) he b) him c) his 3) She is beautiful! Look at ___! She’s my aunt. ____ name is Molly.  a) Hers b) Her c) She 4) We’re sailing. Can you see ____? a) them b) us 5) The dog is smiling. Look at ____! a) him b) her c) it 6) They are my friends. Can you see ____? a) they b) them c) your 7) We’re riding bikes. Can you see ____? a) us b) her 8) This house is big. Draw ___! a) him b) us c) it 9) He’s my uncle. ____ name is Mario. a) Her b) His 10) Jenny is dancing! Look at ____! a) she b) her c) him 11) Write to ____ soon! a) me b) it c) you 12) We are cooking for _____. a) it b) us c) you 13) They are dancing so cool! Look at _____! a) they b) them c) us 14) I am taking photo of ____. Smile! a) he b) she c) you d) them 15) Don`t be scared! Swim to ____! a) they b) we c) my d) me

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