1) The moon has ………phases a) 2 b) 8 c) 4 d) 7  2) The phase of the moon where half of the moon is lit. a) Waxing crescent b) Full moon c) Gibbous  d) First quarter 3) The moon phase that means a growing round a) Waxing gibbous b) Waning gibbous c) Full moon d) Waning crescent  4) All of the lit part of the moon faces the Earth. a) New moon b) Waning gibbous c) Full moon  d) Crescent  5) When the Earth is between the sun and the moon, so the moon is called a) New moon b) Waxing gibbous c) Waxing crescent d) Full moon 6) When the lit part of the moon is away from the Earth, so the moon is called…. a) New moon b) Full moon c) Waxing crescent 7) A growing curve of the moon a) Waxing gibbous   b) New moon c) Waxing crescent d) Waning crescent 8) What is the second phase of the moon? a) New moon b) Waxing crescent c) Waxing gibbous d) Full moon 9) What makes the moon phases? a) The Earth rotation b) The moon rotation c) The moon orbit the Earth d) The earth orbit the sun 10) What comes just before the new moon? a) Third quarter b) First quarter c) Waxing crescent

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