1) Amelia has _____ been to Australia. a) never b) ever 2) Has your dad tried surfing_____ ? a) already b) yet 3) Bob hasn't visited Paris _____ . a) already b) yet 4) The children have _____ finished the test. a) already b) yet 5) Have you _________ been to Spain? a) never b) ever 6) I've _____________ been to Rome. a) ever b) never 7) Tom and his brother have _____ learned to speak English. a) already b) yet 8) Have they bought that scarf _____ ? a) already b) yet 9) Have they _________ flown a kite ?  a) never b) ever 10) Paul has _____ walked along the Great Wall of China. a) already b) yet 11) My brother has ________ come back home. a) just b) yet 12) Have you ________ met her? a) ever b) never 13) You have _____ asked that question. a) already b) yet 14) I have __________ met her. a) ever b) never 15) His dog has_________ seen the snow for the first time. a) just b) yet

PRESENT PERFECT - already, just, yet, never, ever



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