catch the bus - Instead of walking, you can do this to get to school., help out at home - This is is a way of sharing tasks at home., make a snack - If you are hungry, you do this when you arrive from school., hang out - You do this if you want to see your friends., get up early - I don't like to do this because I love sleeping until late., go to dance class - People who like to dance do this., play on the tablet - You do this in your free time to have fun with an electronic device., have a shower - You do this after doing sport., look after my pet - Take care of your animal., pack my school bag - You have to do this before going to school. You have to prepare your books and pencil case., gotofootballtraining - I do after school because I like football., tidy my room - Sometimes you need to order and organize your bedroom., go online - You do this to look for information in the Internet.,

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