1. I’d probably go to Australia if the opportunity ____. 2. Nothing in the world would ____ me to go there. 3. We offer ____ software to suit your exact requirements. 4. I’d better not have any more ice cream or I’ll ____. 5. My dad’s always ____ me about staying out too late. 6. The concert didn’t live up to the ____. 7. He was in ____ when I first met him, but he’s come to terms with his wife’s death now. 8. It was a tricky situation, but Bryce had it well ____. 9. Freeman kept the crowd ____ with his rapid-fire jokes. 10. We were ____ when my dad started dancing at the wedding. 11. The week didn’t start well, but I was ____ by Thursday. 12. I was ____ by a feeling of despair. 13. I was so embarrassed I just wanted the ground to open up and ____ me. 14. Careful – you nearly ____ on my foot.

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