1) I enjoy.... stories. a) to write b) writing 2) I hate ... a) to cook b) cooking 3) I forgot... you. a) to call b) calling 4) He kept ... when the music stopped a) to dance b) dancing 5) I dread ... about my exams. a) to think b) thinking 6) It stopped... a) to rain b) raining 7) The cat avoided... in the water a) to get b) getting 8) I am afraid... about my exam. a) to think b) thinking 9) I intend ... to stay home today. a) to stay b) staying 10) I resent... here. a) to be b) being 11) I can't stand ... early. a) to wake up b) waking up 12) I refuse ... eat broccoli. a) to eat b) eating 13) He decided ... home a) to go b) going 14) I hope ... the book today. a) to finish b) finishing

Gerund or infinitive- GAME SHOW-Yolanda Calpe

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