I wake up at six thirty, take a shower, have ____ and go to ____. Normally, I am at school fifteen minutes before the lessons. I chat with my classmates and ____ for the first lesson. My favorite day at school is Tuesday because the first two lessons on Tuesday are ____. I like English very ____, it is a useful and interesting subject. My least ____ subject is Math. I am not very good with ____ Each lesson is forty-five ____ long. The breaks between them are ten minutes long. We have a ____ break after the fifth lesson. My friend and I go to the school ____ for lunch. To be honest, most of the ____ is not very good there, but they make ____ buns! My school day ends at two forty five p.m., I say goodbye to my friends and ____ and go home. This is what my ____ day at school looks like.

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