1) Amelia has _____ been to Australia. a) already b) yet 2) Has your dad tried surfing_____ ? a) already b) yet 3) Bob hasn't visited Paris _____ . a) already b) yet 4) Has your mum called you ______? a) already b) yet 5) The children have _____ finished the test. a) already b) yet 6) Mark hasn't swum in the sea _____ . a) already b) yet 7) Have they bought that scarf _____ ? a) already b) yet 8) Tom and his brother have _____ learned to speak English. a) already b) yet 9) Paul has _____ walked along the Great Wall of China. a) already b) yet 10) My brother hasn't come back home _____. a) yet b) already 11) Have you seen her _____? a) yet b) already 12) We have _____ read that book. a) yet b) already 13) His dog hasn't seen the snow _____. a) yet b) already 14) He has ____ taken out the rubbish. a) just b) yet 15) They haven't done the ironing _____. a) just b) yet 16) Have you laid the table _____? a) yet b) just 17) Has your sister done the shopping ____? a) yet b) just 18) He's _____ done the vacuuming. a) just b) yet 19) Helen's _____ finished putting away her dirty clothes. a) just b) yet

Quiz - Just / yet / already and present perfect



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