1) What is your favourite room in your house? What do you do there? 2) What do you prefer,summer or winter? Why? 3) How long have you lived in your house? 4) What music do you usually listen to? 5) Where do you usually go on holidays? 6) How long have you studied English at CEP? 7) Have you ever travelled by plane? Where did you go? 8) What is funnier,watching TV or playing a sport? 9) Have you ever eaten Mexican food? What did you eat? 10) When and where were you born? 11) Who was your favourite singer when you were a child? 12) What were your favourite films when you were a child? 13) Where were you yesterday? What did you do? 14) What is the most beautiful place you have ever visited? 15) What did you watch on TV last night? 16) Where did you travel last summer? How did you travel? 17) Who is the best singer in the world? Why? 18) How often do you cook at home? Did you cook last week? 19) What time does your mother usually go to bed? 20) What is the most difficult/easiest subject at school? 21) What time did you get up last Sunday? 22) Who is the oldest/youngest member of your family? 23) Do you prefer going on holidays to the beach or to the mountains? Why? 24) What did you do on your last holidays? 25) What is the best movie you have ever seen?

General questions -Elementary level

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