1) How do people in our country celebrate it? 2) Do you know what a leprechaun is? What do they look like? 3) Have you ever been to Ireland? If not, would you like to visit it? 4) It is said that Irish people are lucky. Are you lacky? have you ever won something? 5) People often say: "You make your own luck" do you agree? Why (not)? 6) Have you had any blessings in disguise in your life? 7) What do you know about Saint Patrick's day celebrations? 8) What do you know about Saint Patrick's history? 9) Do you take any objects that bring you good luck with you everywhere? What is it? 10) What is the luckiest thing that has ever happened to you? 11) Finish this sentence: "If I found a pot of gold I would..." 12) What things do people in our country believe that bring good luck and bad luck?

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