Lose some/any money, Ride an elephant, Cook some/anything, Build a snowman, Play tennis, Spend much/a lot of money, Find some/any money, Fall out of bed, Milk a cow, See a ghost, Drink pineapple juice, Eat snails, Kiss your pet, Clean your room, Talk to your pet, Win a prize, Catch a fish, Be in/to Disneyland, Sing in public, See a UFO, Write a poem, Ride a bike, Sleep under the stars, Run in the classroom, Tell a spooky story, Play the guitar, Be in/to Moscow, Lose your keys, Fly on a plane, Fight, Sleep in class, Be on TV, Buy a book, Tell a lie, Visit a museum, Swim in the sea, Bake a cake, Climb a mountain, Go to a theatre, Be late for class, Make a sandcastle, Meet a celebrity, Be in a car accident, Hold a snake, Swim in a river, Paint a wall, Ride a motorbike, Drink coffee, Read a newspaper, Play hockey, Have a dog/cat, Eat duck.

Have you ever ....? When (did) you last ... ?



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