1) ________ money have you got? a) How much b) How many c) Any 2) _________ books do you take to school? a) How much b) How many 3) _______ students are there in the classroom? a) How many  b) How much c) Many d) Any 4) Is there ____ orange juice in the fridge? a) an b) some c) any 5) _____ there any bananas in the fridge? a) Are b) Is c) How many 6) Have you got _____ questions? a) a b) some c) any 7) she doesn't do _____ sports. a) a b) any c) some d) how many 8) ______ there ______ sugar? a) Are / some b) Is / some c) Is / any 9) There are a lot of ________ a) people b) childrens c) a child 10) There ______ ball on the grass. a) isn't a b) aren't any c) isn't any 11) I have got ________ friends at school. a) any b) a c) some 12) Have you got ____ ruler to lend me? a) a b) an c) some 13) ______ there ______ homework to do? a) Is / some b) Are / some c) Is / any d) Are /any 14) Would you like _____ coffee? a) an b) any c) some

Quantifiers (a/an, some, any, how much, how many)

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