1) It's ... pizza a) a cold b) cold c) a hot d) an hot 2) It's ... house a) a big b) big c) married d) a married 3) It's ... flat a) an new b) a new c) an tall d) a tall 4) It's ... coffee shop a) an expensive b) a difficult  c) a expensive d) difficult 5) Our class is ...  a) a great b) an interesting c) interesting d) married 6) He's ... man a) hungry b) an hungry c) a hungry d) a small 7) He's ... a) very old b) an very old c) a very small d) a small 8) He's ... man a) a tired b) tired c) difficult d) a new 9) These ... expensive flats a) 're not an b) 's not an c) 're not d) 's not 10) This hotel ... big a) 's not a b) 're not a c) 're not d) 's not 11) It ... nice weather a) a b) 's a c) 's d) an 12) We ... very well. a) 's not a b) 're not a c) 're not d) 's not 13) He ... married, right? a) 's not a b) 're not a c) 're not d) 's not 14) The weather ... hot. a) a b) 's   c) 's a d) an 15) I ... waiter. a) not a  b) 'm not   c) 'm not a d) a not 16) A: Do you know the city? B: Sorry, we ... from here. a) 're a b) 're not c) 's not a d) 're not a

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