1) ______ you have English lessons? a) Are b) Do c) Is 2) ______ they teachers? a) Is b) Do c) Are 3) ______ an old phone ? a) This b) Is this c) This is 4) Do you like bananas? Yes, I ______. a) am b) don't c) do 5) We ______ in this house. a) don't live b) isn't live c) aren't live 6) How ______ you? a) is b) do c) are 7) ______ your mum a doctor? a) Do b) Is c) Are 8) When_______ you go to school? a) are b) is c) do 9) What time ______? a) is it b) are you c) do I 10) I ________ to the drama club after school. a) am not go b) don't go c) not go 11) Where ________your school? a) do b) are c) is 12) I _______ to play hide-and-seek. a) do not like b) am not like c) do not 13) We ________ our tablets every day. a) don't b) don't use c) aren't use 14) They  ________ to Grandma and Grandpa with their tablet. a) do talk b) are talk c) talk 15) In the music lesson children  ________ to play the guitar. a) learn b) are learn c) do learn 16) Are you ready for our lesson? Yes, ________ a) I do b) I am c) you are 17) ________ any chairs in the room. a) There don't b) There isn't c) There aren't 18) ________ a wardrobe in the room? a) Is there b) Is c) Do you 19)  ________ important to read books. a) It b) It is c) You 20) I ________ what to do. a) don't know b) am not know c) not know

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