1) to put something extra in an email, such as a photo or document a) delete b) attach c) save 2) choose something on the screen by pressing the mouse a) save b) paste c) click on 3) programs used by computers for doing particular tasks a) hardware b) software c) apps 4) What is a back-up? a) to restore the computer info b) to make a copy of info on your computer c) to delete info 5) ASAP in text messaging means a) A Super Attractive Problem b) As Soon As Possible c) A Super Attractive Posibility 6) remove a document or program a) icon b) copy c) delete 7) open a computer by typing your name and password a) log in b) link c) download 8) a secret code to protect your computer or email account a) upload b) password c) attach 9) a picture on your computer that opens a programme a) link b) username c) icon 10) physical components of your computer a) link b) hardware c) software 11) What does RAM stand for? a) Read Access Memory b) Random Access Memory c) Real Access memory 12) saving programs, apps or songs from internet in your computer a) download b) log in c) upload 13) a computer program that allows you to look at and search through information a) browser b) virus c) download 14) an Interface allows you to a) save files b) organize the computer c) interact with the computer 15) What does ROM stand for? a) Read Only Memory b) Random Only Memory c) Read Online Memory

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