1) Now he ___ (swim) in the pool. a) is swiming b) swims c) is swimming d) swim 2) Paula and Tony ___ (travel) to Italy every summer. a) are travelling b) is travelling c) travel d) travels 3) I ___ (not/have) breakfast at the café at the moment. a) don't have b) don't has c) 'm not haveing d) 'm not having 4) Michael ___ (go) to the bookshop every Sunday. a) is going b) goes c) gos d) are going 5) ___ you ___ (save) money right now? a) are / saving b) do / save c) are / saveing d) does / save 6) My cat ___ (sleep) on the sofa every night. a) is sleeping b) sleep c) sleeps d) is sleep 7) ___ he ___ (spend) money at the bookshop at the moment? a) Are / spending b) Do / spend c) Does / spend d) Is / spending 8) We ___ (not/play) videogames 4 hours a day. a) doesn't play b) aren't playing c) don't play d) isn't playing 9) Laura and Bryan ___ (watch) a love story film now. a) watch b) are watching c) watches d) is watching 10) ___ (she) ___ (play) the guitar 2 hours a day? a) Does / play b) Is / playing c) Do / play d) Are / playing 11) I ___ (not/run) at the moment. a) 'm not runing b) 'm not running c) don't run d) doesn't run 12) Blanca ___ (do) her homework every day. a) is doing b) are doing c) does d) dos

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