1) Where are you from? a) I'm from German. b) I'm from Germany. c) I'm Germany 2) _____ your father from Brazil? a) Is b) Are c) Am 3) She is my sister, Emily. That is ____ husband, Mike. a) his b) her c) she 4) Simon has two children. _________ names are John and Sonia. a) Her b) His c) Their 5) Where...? a) are my purse? b) is my glasses? c) are my glasses? 6) Let's go ...... home. It's late. a) - b) to c) at 7) I have three..... . a) watch. b) watches. c) a watch. 8) It's _______ old phone. a) a b) an c) the 9) Let's .....a coffee and a croissant. a) have b) drink c) eat

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