1. lt's very ____. Lots of people want to get into that ____ and hundreds of people ____ each job. 2. It's very ____. Не gets $бО,000 а уеаг as well as а ____ at the end of the year. 3. lt's quite ____. You really help people and that makes you feel ____. 4. lt's quite ____. You're either ____ or have а ____ and it's quite ____ paid. 5. You need to bе quite ____. You have to think of а lot of new ideas and new ways of doing things. 6. lt's very ____. You're under а lot of time ____. 7. Physically, it's very ____. You have to bе ____ and fit. 8. lt's very ____. You get to do lots of different things. 9. lt's а bit ____. lt mainly involves admin and ____. I basically sit ____ а desk all day.

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