The second picture, ____ contrast, shows a modern dance style, ____ by many people. In addition, the ____ in the pictures is ____ different. Picture 1 shows a lyrical dance, while picture 2 ____ very expressive and energetic dance ____.Both performances have their own ____ and disadvantages. The advantage of a street dance ____ is that it is often performed in any available open space, including streets and squares, so one can watch it ____ of charge. However, street dance can be ____ to watch because it is almost entirely plotless and ____, with no story behind. Ballet, by contrast, is rather interesting as it has characters and a storyline. The drawback of ballet is that one needs to go to a theatre and pay ____ tickets to see this performance. Personally, I would like to see ballet because I'm a big fan of ____ art and for me ballet is pure magic. Dancers’ movements look so ____, beautiful and effortless! That's all I ____ to tell you. Let me know what you think about the pictures.

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