1) She definitely ___________ play football a) will b) won't c) could d) can e) would f) blabla 2) I ____ probably study for the exam a) Won’t b) Willn’t c) Bumbumshakataka d) Might e) Will f) May 3) You know a lot of maths, you _____ be a maths teacher in the future! a) May b) Can c) Could d) Will e) Won’t f) Would 4) We ____ go to the beach tomorrow a) May b) Probably c) Won’t d) Might e) f) Can 5) The ____ definitely play basketball today a) Won’t b) Would c) d) Will e) Can f) Could 6) He probably ______done his homework  a) Will b) Definitely c) d) May e) Could f) Won’t

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