Describe Colin Fenton , Describe Linda Bentley (personality and childhood), Describe John Bentley , Describe Julie Fenton, Who was Mr. Booker? , What was happening to Colin's company?, Who was Jackman's insurance brokers?, How did Colin manage to get money? What did Booker think about it?, Why didn't Colin tell Julie about his meeting with Booker? Why do you think he lied?, What did Colin do with Linda's letter?, Describe how Colin met Linda & John., What did John and Linda have in common?, How and when did John get his job at Sandwell's?, Describe Colin and Linda's second meeting., What was Linda's plan?, How did John react when Linda told him about her plan? Describe the situation., How was Frankie Simpson involved in the robbery?, When was the robbery going to take place?, Why did Julie think that she should go to Manchester with Colin? , Why was Colin travelling to Manchester? , How did Colin justify that Julie didn't have to go with him to Manchester?, What did Colin do on Tuesday January 10th?, Why did Colin meet the Bentleys on January 10th?, What was John's reaction when Linda told him about Colin accepting to be John's alibi?, How did Colin feel about the robbery, the alibi, the money?, What preparations did he make for the trip on January 10th?, What was the weather like on January 10th? How important was this?, What agreement did Colin and the Bentleys do when they met on the junction of the M25 and the M4?, Why did he leave the M40 and joined a country road?, How did the accident happen?, What did Mark see when he stopped the car behind the red Ford Escort?, What did he do about the driver?, What happened with Colin afer the accident?, Why did Mark become so important in the story?, What happened with the red Ford Escort?.

Officially Dead - CH 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5



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