used to - My parents _______ go to the supermarket more often than they do now., didn't use to - I _________ eat fruit and vegetables when I was a child, but now I love all of them!, mustn't - You _______ go outside without your mask. It's against the rules., already - What are you doing? I have ________ cleaned that part!, yet - Have you finished using the hairdryer _____? I really need it., still - I have a test tomorrow and I _______ haven't studied. Can you help me?, was taking - I _______________ the dog for a walk when I saw Julie., don't have to - You ___________ wear your school uniform on Zoom. It's not necessary., doesn't have to - She ____________ go to school tomorrow. It's a holiday., took - While I was doing the shopping, a man ________ my phone and ran away!, just - I have _______ finished tidying up my bedroom. I'm so exhausted!, shouldn't - You _________ spend so much time in front of the computer. You'll have headaches., should - You _________ study harder if you want to pass this course., were taking - My family and I ____________ pictures of sculpture when the security man told us it was prohibited., ever - Have you ________ eaten Thai food?,



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