1) I______________ eleven years-old. a) am b) is c) are 2) She______________ thirty-four years-old. a) am b) is c) are 3) They are Mario and Bruno. _________ last name is Warner. a) Your b) His c) Their 4) __________ is my new phone. I love it! a) That b) These c) Those 5) What are these? __________ are coloured pencils. a) It b) They c) We 6) Jose _________ got a black tablet. a) have b) is c) has 7) Zendaya_________ twenty-five years-old. a) has b) am c) is 8) _________ are red socks. They are my favourite! a) Those b) It c) This 9) Do you __________a computer?  a) has got b) has c) have 10) ___________ are Miranda and Cindy? a) How many b) Where c) When 11) What's your _________? I'm Irish. a) nationality b) country c) age 12) I have English lessons ________Mondays and Wednesday.  a) at b) in c) on 13) _________ is he happy? Because today is his birthday. a) Why b) What c) How 14) We have two pets. _____ names are Ruffy and Moro. a) His b) Our c) Their

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