1) to continue a job that sb else has started a) take over b) take on c) take off 2) to perform a task  a) carry on b) carry out c) carry over 3) to decide to do sth  a) take in b) take on c) take up 4) to stop employing sb. a) lay on b) lay out c) lay off 5) to start working or studying hard a) knuckle under b) knuckle down 6) to give sth to sb in a position of authority a) hand back b) hand down c) hand in 7) to stop working, usually at the end of the day a) knock off b) knock out c) knock over 8) to cause sb to lose energy and enthusiasm a) burn down b) burn out c) burn away 9) to decide that a planned event will not happen a) call for b) call by c) call (sth) off 10) slack off a) to stop working b) to work harder c) to work less hard

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