1) It's ... pencil a) a b) an 2) It's ... umbrella a) a b) an 3) ... a car a) She's b) It's c) They're 4) ... books a) She's b) It's c) They're 5) ... an apple a) It's b) They're 6) I ... a girl a) am b) is c) are 7) Are they friends? a) Yes, it is b) Yes, they are c) No, they aren't 8) She teaches students. She is a ... . a) doctor b) teacher c) baker 9) He bakes bread. He's a ... . a) doctor b) teacher c) baker 10) She helps sick people. She's a ... . a) mechanic b) nurse c) waiter 11) There are some books ...my bag a) on b) next to c) under d) in 12) There is a ball ... the bed a) on b) next to c) under d) in 13) There is a cat ... the armchair a) on b) next to c) under d) in 14) There are two dinosaurs ... the bed. a) behind b) in front of c) next to d) under 15) He has got a book. It's ... book. a) my b) your c) his d) her 16) We've got lots of toys. They are ... toys. a) your b) our c) their 17) Rabbits ... long ears a) have got b) haven't got c) has got d) hasn't got 18) A giraffe ... long neck. a) have got b) has got c) haven't got d) hasn't got 19) A snake ... legs. a) has got b) have got c) haven't got d) hasn't got 20) I don't have ... apples for my pie a) many b) much c) some 21) There ... lots of sugar in Cola. a) is b) are 22) How ... cheese is there in your fridge? a) many b) much 23) There ... lots of trees in the park a) is b) are 24) I always ... my bedroom. a) am tidying b) tidy c) tidies 25) Look! She ... a pony. a) feed b) feeds c) is feeding 26) The children ... football at the moment. a) play b) is playing c) are playing 27) Sue and her friends ... music lesson every Wednesday. a) has b) have c) are having 28) A panda .... meat a) eats b) don't eat c) doesn't eat d) is eating 29) My family and I ... at the circus yesterday. a) was b) were 30) It ... sunny and hot yesterday! a) was b) were 31) Kelly, Ann and Julia ... all night at the party last week. a) dance b) are dancing c) danced 32) Phil ... the dishes last night. a) isn't washing b) doesn't wash c) didn't wash 33) Mary ... a new dress yesterday. a) buyed b) bought c) buys 34) We ... to the museum two days ago. a) go b) goed c) went 35) Did you ... Sam in the park yesterday? a) meet b) met c) meeted

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