1) In your country, how do the roles of men and women differ in the family? 2) Which gender spends the most time shopping? 3) Is one gender unable to "see" unwashed dishes or unmade beds? Is one gender "overly" concerned with tidiness? What is your experience? 4) Which gender talks the most? 5) Which gender gossips the most? 6) Is one gender better at using machines than another? Do you personally like technology? 7) Is there any difference between the way that men and women drive? 8) What clothing is appropriate for men but not for women and vice versa? What is appropriate for both? 9) Are certain colors reserved for one gender or another? 10) Do you think there is a difference between friendships between a man and a woman, and a man and a man, or a woman and a woman? How do they differ? 11) Who is a better communicator? 12) Boys and girls frequently play with different toys. Girls often have dolls and boys often have toy guns. Is that because they prefer different toys or because we give them different ones? Does this matter?  13) To what extent do you think that the educational system tries to push (or unconsciously pushes) people into traditionally "female" and "male" roles? Jobs? 14) At which sports are men considered better than women? 15) At which sports are women considered better than men? 16) Does one gender prefer "spectator sports" like football? Why do you think fewer women watch such sports? 17) What sports can you think of where men and women compete against each other as equals? 18) Why are there fewer opportunities for women than men in professional sports?

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