He goes to school by / on underground, Do you and your brother always cycle by / to school?, the train station?/do/how/I/to/get, for / looking / the Odeon Cinema / I'm, How / Who / Where started the rock band Led Zeppelin? , The lake is .........(deep) the swimming pool., Mont Blanc is .........(high) Mont Olympus., Russia is ........................(large) country in the world., Barcelona is bigger / the biggest than Valencia., A car is more expensive / expensiver than a bike., This coffee is too/enough hot. I can't drink it., We didn'twatch the film last night. It wasn´t interesting too/enough, are / too/ my / for / tight / shoes / me, I have to / don't have to make my bed and tidy my room. Otherwise, my mum gets really angry., I can't chat to you tonight so / because I have to get p early tomorrow., Welcome to Wessex Zoo / Aquarium! Find out all about our amazing sea life., I .............(study) for my exams next week at the moment., I'm going to the dentist. I have a headache / toothache., She answered all the questions safely / correctly., You can / mustn't use your mobile phone in class., You must / don't have to bring warm clothes. It gets very cold at night., have / water? / I / a glass of / can, My parents ........(give) me a great present for my birthday last week..

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