1) Which word has the 'u' short vowel sound? a) wick b) rut c) top d) path 2) Select all the words with a digraph (two letters making one sound). a) sock b) bat c) quit d) what e) quack f) math 3) How many syllables does the word 'back' have? a) 1 syllable b) 2 syllable c) 3 syllable d) 4 syllable 4) How would you tap the word chick? (Think about how many sounds are in the word.) a) /c/ /h/ /i/ /ck/ b) /c/ /h/ /i/ /c/ /k/ c) /ch/ /i/ /c/ /k/ d) /ch/ /i/ /ck/ 5) How many sounds are in the word 'tuck'? a) 2 sounds b) 3 sounds c) 4 sounds d) 5 sounds 6) Which words rhyme? a) cat b) cup c) top d) tuck e) win f) jut 7) Which word is spelled correctly? a) gug b) jug 8) Which phrase is correct? a) the ran dog b) ran dog the c) dog the ran d) the dog ran e) dog ran  9) When marking digraphs in words, the digraph should be... a) circled b) underlined 10) High frequency words can be... a) tapped out because they follow English rules. b) circled because they do not follow English rules.

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