1) ___________ you ever ____________ archery? a)  Have / done b) Have / played c) Has / done d) Has / played 2) When did we ___________ athletics? a) did b) do c) played d) play 3) ___________ she ever ___________ basketball? a) Have / played b) Has / played c) Have / play d) Has / play 4) I ____________ a plate while I ____________ the dishes. a) dropped / was washing b) was dropping / washed 5) She enjoy _________ the book her aunt had given her. a) to read b) reading 6) The phone ____________ while we ____________ breakfast. a) rang / having breakfast b) was ringing / had 7) They've agreed _________ solar panels on the school roof. a) to put b) putting 8) They liked _________ around the country. a) to travel b) travelling 9) They have played tennis _________ they were six. a) for b) since 10) Susan has lived in Torrent ___________ seven months. a) for b) since 11) Choose the correct sentence: a) Peter has studied English since a long time. b) Peter has studied English for a long time. 12) Choose the correct question: a) Has he ever tried fencing? b) Did he ever tried fencing? 13) Choose the correct question: a) When have you gone trampolining? b) When did you go trampolining? 14) Choose the correction question: a) Have you played rugby last year? b) Did you play rugby last year?

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