1) My name is Susan. ______ nickname is Sue. a) HER b) HIS c) THEIR d) MY 2) She is from the USA. ______ mother is American too. a) OUR b) HER c) ITS d) THEIR 3) He's from Argentina. _____ name is Lucas. a) MY b) YOUR c) HIS d) HER 4) What is _______ name? a) MY b) HER c) YOUR d) THEIR 5) My dog is white. _____ mother is a caniche toy. a) MY b) HIS c) HER d) ITS 6) We're from Spain. _____ nationality is Spanish.  a) OUR b) MY c) THEIR d) HER 7) Luke and Amy have got a daughter. ______ daughter is beautiful! a) HIS b) ITS c) THEIR d) HER 8) Julia has got a pet parrot. ________ name is Pepa. a) HIS b) ITS c) THEIR d) HER 9) He lives in Madrid. ________ apartment is on Gran Via. a) HIS b) HERS c) OURS d) THEIR 10) We bought our house last year. It is _______. a) OURS b) YOURS c) THEIRS d) MINE 11) This book is _____. It has got my name on it. a) OURS b) YOURS c) MINE d) HERS 12) Does this bag belong to your mum? Yes, it's _______. a) MINE b) YOURS c) HIS d) HERS

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