1) I _______________ at 6 o'clock. a) wakes up b) wake up 2) My sister _______ dressed very slowly. a) get b) gets 3) My dad and I usually _________ dinner together. a) cooks b) cook 4) The girl ___________ breakfast with her parents. a) has b) have 5) The boy _________________ shower in the evenings. a) have a b) has a 6) My friends ____________ music. a) listens to b) listen to 7) Susan _________ to bed at 9 o'clock. a) goes b) go 8) My brother_____________a lot of hamburgers. a) eat b) eats 9) The woman__________ delicious cakes. a) make b) makes 10) Mary and her sister ____________in Comodoro Rivadavia. a) live b) lives 11) Michael doesn't ___________ playing football. a) like b) likes 12) The children ___________ their bikes to school everyday. a) ride b) rides 13) My dog ________________ on the sofa. a) sleeps b) sleep 14) The dogs usually __________ with me in the yard. a) plays b) play

GRAMMAR-Present Simple 3rd person singular-PRIMARY LEVEL

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