1) Wow! You play the guitar really ... (GOOD) a) WELL b) BETTER c) GOOD d) WEL e) THE BEST f) GOODLY 2) Thanks! I practise ... (HARD) every day. a) HARDLY b) STRONG c) JARD d) HARRD e) HARD f) JARDLY 3) Play something ... (FAST) for me! a) FASTER b) THE TASTEST c) FASTLY d) FASST e) SUPERFAST f) FAST 4) I play it really ... (BAD)! a) BAD b) WORSE c) BADLY d) THE WORST e) BEST f) THE BEST 5) No, they aren't. They're eating chocolate ... (QUICK) a) QUICK b) QUIKLY c) QUICKLEST d) QUICKLY e) FAST f) EVERYDAY 6) He is a very _______man. (NICE) a) NICE b) NICELY c) NICLY d) NICILY e) HANDSOME f) THE MOST 7) You drive very _________. (SLOW) a) SLOWLY b) FAST c) ESLOWLY d) SLOW e) THE SLOWLY f) THE SLOW 8) The chair is______________. (COMFORTABLE) a) COMFORTABLY b) COMFORTABLELY c) COMFORTABLE d) CONFORTABLE e) CONFORTABLY f) COMFORTEIBLE 9) Jane works ___________________. (HARD) a) STRONG b) HARDLY c) THE HARD d) HARD e) HARDEST f) THE HARDER 10) No, they aren't. They are playing tennis ... (QUIET) a) QUIET b) THE QUIET c) QUIETELY d) THE QUIEST e) QUIETLY f) CUIETLY

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