1) What are you doing? I ... ... (PLAY) football. a) I AM PLAYING b) HE IS PLAYING c) I PLAYING d) I'M PLAY e) I AM PLAY f) WE'S PLAYING 2) What is he doing? He ... ... (NOT SHOUT), he is calm. a) HE AREN'T SHOUTING b) HE ISN'T SHOUTING c) HE ISN'T SHOUT d) HE SHOUTING e) HE ISEN'T SHOUTING f) HE IS NOT SHOUTING 3) What are you doing? We ... ... (SAIL) in the ocean. a) WE IS SAILING b) WE'S SAILING c) WE ARE SAILING d) WE SAILING e) WE'RE SAIL f) WE'RE SAILING 4) We ... ... (NOT SIT) in the classroom now. a) WE'RE SIT b) WE ISN'T SITTING c) WE IS NOT SIT d) WE ARE NOT SITTING e) WE AREN'T SITTING f) WE SITTING 5) My friends ... ... (TALK) in the playground. a) IS TALKING b) TALKING c) ARE TALK d) IS TALK e) ARE TALKING f) ARRE TALKING 6) Peter ... (RIDE) a bicycle. a) ARE RIDING b) RIDING c) ARE RAIDING d) AR RIDING e) RIDES f) IS RIDING 7) They ... ... (SHOP) with their friends. a) ARE SHOPPING b) IS SHOPPING c) ARE SHOP d) SHOPPING e) ARE SHOPING f) SHOPING 8) My friend ... ... (NOT WRITE) an email. a) AREN'T WRITING b) IS NOT WRITING c) ISN'T WRITING d) ISN'T WRITE e) ISEN'T WRITING f) WRITING 9) We ... ... ... (PLAY HANDBALL) at the moment. a) WE IS PLAYING b) WE ARE PLAY c) WE'ARE PLAYING d) WE ARE PLAYING e) WE'RE PLAYING f) WE PLAYING 10) ... ... ... ... (PLAY TENNIS)? Yes, they are. a) IS THEY PLAYING TENNIS? b) THEY ARE PLAYING TENNIS? c) ARE THEY PLAY TENNIS d) ARE THEY PLAYING BASKETBALL? e) ARE THEY PLAYING TENNIS? f) ARE WE PLAYING TENNIS?

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