give thanks - Before starting to eat, we ..., turkey, Mayflower - The Pilgrims sailed on this boat., Pilgrims - Native Americans helped them when they arrived in Plymouth in 1620., Thanksgiving - Festivity celebrated in America on the Forth Thursday in November., Native Americans - They helped Pilgrims to grow the land and to raise cattle., Plymouth - The Mayflower arrived here in 1620., Autumn - Season where Thanksgiving is celebrated., Roast Turkey - Main course at Thanksgiving dinner., evening - Part of the day where family and friends join to celebrate Thanksgiving., The United States - Country where Thanksgiving is celebrated each November., Abraham Lincoln - This American President proclaimed Thanksgiving as a National Day., Thursday - On which day of the week is Thanksgiving celebrated?, Fourth - On which week in November is Thanksgiving celebrated?, Wampanoag - Native Americans who helped the Pilgrims in 1620., pumpkin pie - Apart from the Turkey, Thanksgiving traditional food includes cranberry sauce and smashed potatoes. And this is one typical dessert:,

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