1) Hello! I'm Tommy.  a) Good bye b) What's your name? c) Hi! I'm Melanie.i. 2) How are you today? a) I'm Nick. b) I'm fine, thanks! c) I'm 11 years old. 3) How old are you? a) I'm 12 years old. b) I'm good. c) I'm Valentino. 4) What's your favourite sport?  a) It's blue. b) It's Maths. c) It's hockey. 5) Have you got any pet?  a) Yes, I am.  b) Yes! I have a cat. c) No, they aren't 6) Have you got any brother or sister? a) Yes, I do. b) No, I haven't. c) Yes, we are. 7) What's your favourite day of the week? a) It's at 5 o'clock. b) It's Friday. c) It's football. 8) What's your favourite food? a) It's pizza! b) It's English. c) Yes, it is.



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