1) Kade had 7 candy canes and Sierra had 8 candy canes. How many did they have all together? a) 15 b) 10 2) Connor made 15 snowballs and Kirk threw 9 of them How many more snowballs does Connor have left? a) 6 b) 3 3) Emma wrapped 5 Christmas gifts. Ethan wrapped 10. How many did they wrap in all? a) 10 b) 15 4) Trinity had 5 boxes of Christmas cookies. Each box had 6 cookies. How many cookies did Trinity have in all? a) 11 b) 30 5) Jonah had 25 boxes of crayons to put into Christmas stockings. He had 5 stockings to fill. How many boxes of crayons would each child get? a) 5 b) 20 6) Talia and Anthony wanted to put out a special Christmas blanket for Santa to put presents on. The length of the blanket was 6 feet and the width of the blanket was 9 feet. How big of an area did the blanket fill?  a) 15 feet b) 15 square feet c) 54 feet d) 54 square feet

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