What a holiday! My dad is terrified of flying so we ____ to Spain on a coach - 33 hours! The hotel was great, but we were on the fourteenth floor. My mum refused to go in the lift as she's claustrophobic. Luckily the hotel moved us to the second floor and she ____ the stairs. I ____ share a room with my brother. He's scared of the dark, so he slept with the light on , but I ____ to sleep. Then the noise outside ____ me up at five every morning! One day, on a guided tour, we had to walk up a mountain path. My dad really ____ heights and didn't go up, and my mum decided she ____ a snake moving in the grass and went back down. We had a picnic lunch but there ____ tiny flying insects everywhere! It was horrible! At least the clowns at the circus ____ everyone laugh. No one in my family ____ afraid of them!

Phobias Cloze (Teens 3)




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