ENVIRONMENT - All the external forces that affect living things., POLLUTION - The contamination of air, water and soil by substances that cause harm to human health, other living organism and the environment., AIR POLLUTION - It is caused by the release of chemicals in the atmosphere., WATER POLLUTION - It is caused by contaminated sewage, industrial waste, oil spills, radioactive waste and acid rains., SOIL POLLUTION - It is caused by the use of herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers in agriculture., GLOBAL WARMING - It causes glacial retreat, arctic shrinkage, sea level rise, tornados and hurricanes, diseases, erosion of coastlines, extinction of wildlife species, floods and droughts., FORMS OF POLLUTION - Air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution., CARBON MONOXIDE - It is produced by chemicals plants., RADIOACTIVE WASTE - It is produced by nuclear plants., FLOODS AND DROUGHTS - They are the consequences of changes in the amount of precipitations., HOUSE INSULATION - It can help to save energy., GREENHOUSE EFFECT - It is a consequence of air pollution and causes the rise of temperatures on Earth., Climate change - It is the difference in the global climate over time.,




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