Freddy Mercury - This person was a very famous singer. He was part of an English band called Queen. , Cleopatra - She was a beautiful woman. She was queen of Egypt. , Marie Curie - She was a great scientific. She did several investigations about radioactivity. She was the first woman to win a Nobel prize. , Elizabeth Blackwell - This person was a doctor. She worked in a hospital. , Lady di - This person was a princess. She had two sons, William and Harry. , John Lennon - This person was a musician. He was part of an important band called "The Beatles", Wolfgang Mozart - This person was a muscian. He loved music and played piano. , William Shakespeare - This person wrote several plays. One of the most famous was Romeo and Juliet. , Walt Disney - This person was an actor and a writer. He invented one of the most famous mouse. , Paul Walker - He was an actor and a model. He took part of one of the most famous saga about cars. ,



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