What board games did you use to play when you were a child?, Compare board games to computer games, Have you ever cheated on a game? What did you do?, Where did you go last summer holidays?, What did you do last weekend?, How often do you play board games?, Can you describe yourself?, What do you enjoy doing in your free time?, What do you hate doing?, What were you doing yesterday at 5 pm?, Were you having a shower yesterday at 10 pm?, What does a journalist do?, What does a politician do?, What does a technician do?, What is your favourite technological gadget? Why?, Have you ever raised money for charity?, How long have you studied at your school?, How long have you lived in your house?, Have you ever been abroad? What did you do?, What is your favourite film? Who are the main actors?, What is the most important thing in films?, What are you going to do next weekend?, What will you study at university?, Are you going to live abroad?, Will you have children in the future?, What will you do if you don't have homework this weekend?, What will you do if it rains next weekend?, How will you feel tomorrow if you go to bed late?, Who is your favourite artist? Why do you like him/her?, Who was Romeo and Juliet written by?, Who is considered the best football player of all time?, Who is considered the best singer of all time?, What do you have to do this weekend?, What mustn't you do when you are driving?, What should your friend do it he/she breaks up with his/her partner?, What would you do if you saw a UFO?, What would you buy if you won the lottery?, What would you do if you felt sick on your birthday?.



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