1) Mom __________ (drive) us to school every morning. a) drives b) is driving 2) Max ________(work) at an internet café this summer. a) works b) is working 3) We ___________(not go) abroad this year because of the pandemic. a) aren't going b) don't go 4) It ___________(never rain) in the Atacama Desert in Chile.  a) is never raining b) never rains c) rains never d) is raining never 5) Marty _____________(not usually go) to the fitness centre on Mondays. a) doesn't usually go b) doesn't go usually c) isn't usually going d) usually isn't going 6) We __________(think) of leaving Britain next year. We might go to America. a) think b) are thinking 7) This box __________(weigh) a lot, what is it? a) weighs b) is weighing 8) Mary _________(look) very sad. What's happened to her? a) looks b) is looking 9) You can't go in. They _______________(have) a meeting a) have b) are having 10) I ________(think) I'll have a cup of hot chocolate. I'm so cold. a) think b) 'm thinking

Present Tenses 1st year



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