1) Pat __________ chocolate. It is bad for her teeth a) never eat b) eats never c) never eats 2) Anne ___________ hockey on Sunday. a) plays often b) often plays c) often play 3) Tom and his friends _________ late for the school. a) never are b) are never c) never is 4) How ________ do you do your homework? a) always b) usually c) often 5) Doctors _________ very busy. a) are usually b) usually are c) is usually 6) I ___________ to school in the evening. a) never go b) go never c) never goes 7) My mum ________ in the afternoon. a) is tired never b) is never tired c) never is tired 8) _________ play football with your friends? a) Are you usually b) Do you usually c) Do usually you 9) I ___________ tired after a football match. a) am never b) never am c) be tired 10) I ______________ a fruit before dinner a) eat sometimes b) eats sometimes c) sometimes eat 





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