1) Where is the bank? a) Next to the library b) Next to the restaurant c) Next to the park d) Next to the church 2) I need to got to the science museum! a) Cross the street b) Turn left c) Go straight and turn right d) Go straight 3) Where is the flower shop? a) In front of the cafeteria b) Next to the cafeteria c) Behind the cafeteria d) Near the cafeteria 4) Where is the school? a) In front of the restaurant b) In front of the bank c) In front of the church d) In front of the library 5) Where is the bank? a) Opposite the restaurant b) Next to the supermarket c) Across from the bakery d) Next to the restaurant 6) I am in the city hall and I need to go to the theatre a) Turn left b) Turn right c) Go straight and turn left d) Cross the street

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