1) Is getting a job easy or difficult in your country?  2) In what way are people damaging the environment? 3) What do you like and dislike about your age? 4) Are social networks dangerous? What crimes can be commited through technology? 5) Which addictions do you remember? 6) Have you ever been in a risky situation? 7) What kind of films do you remember? What's your favourite film?  8) Which are the advantages of shopping online? 9) Which are the disadvantages of shopping online? 10) Why is it important to do exercise and eat healthy food? 11) Which is the most difficult age? 12) What's your prediction about the environment? 13) How can people pay when they buy something? 14) Which are the consequences of the environmental problems in the world? 15) Are working and studying at the same time easy for young adults? 16) In which way can driving using the mobile phone be dangerous? 17) How do people keep updated with news? 18) Which are the common situations a family meet? 19) Is religion important for you? 20) What do you like doing in your free time? 21) Which is the main religion in your country? 22) Which religions do you know? What do they have common? 23) What place would you like to visit in the future? 24) How much time do you spend on technological devices?

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