no - I have ______ time to spend with my family. I'm too busy., little - There was very ______ space left to park. We couldn't fit., a few - I have ______ magazines, I don't read much., a lot - I use my laptop ______ for games and music., plenty - My daughter has ______ of toys. She doesn't need anymore., a little - I need ______ more time, please. I'm almost finished., bit  - Can you put a little ______ of sugar in my coffee? I don't need a lot., any - I don't know ______ students in this class. This is my first day., few - I have a ______ hours of free time today. We can play football!, lots of - I have ______ homework this weekend. I can't play videogames., many - Too ______ taxis pass down this street. It's always so busy.,

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